What does it mean to be “you” online ?

Would you have an online persona without
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the others?

How can you manage
something you can't define?

How can you use something
that’s been broken into pieces?

How can you protect something
you no longer own?

Take back control over your online self.

is in business to rebuild digital identity from the ground up.

Our mission extends far beyond better sets of keys and safes; for us, rethinking identity means reimagining and rebuilding the entire way we communicate, collaborate and get things done.
We will not stop until we restore your ownership and control over who you are, what you have, and what you seek online. No fine print, no hidden agendas, no compromise.

Our online self is determined by third parties.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and others represent us, authenticate us and control our data.
We are unable to engage in any meaningful interaction without them.
Each of them owns a fragment of our identities. We believed we were giving up only a bit of privacy, yet we sacrificed our freedom. It's time to take it back.

Take the first step with us
to an age of user autonomy.

From now, online, you set the rules.

Join our beta.

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Shay Rapaport


Co-founder and former CEO of Fireblade Ltd. (acquired by Stackpath), a cybersecurity company which introduced the first behavioral web application firewall. Prior to that, Shay co-founded and managed Smartmove, a CMS solutions company.

A lawyer and a journalist, Shay holds a Master of Law degree and holds two patent grants related to malicious bot detection.

Dvir Lehrer


Co-founder and former CEO of Cognilyze, which produced a recommendation system based on behavioral analysis of users, backed by machine learning and psychological theories (currently finalizing acquisition by a market leader)

He has 16+ years of experience in programming and software architecture. Dvir holds a BA degree in philosophy and a Master of Sciences degree in mathematics from Tel Aviv University. He is now completing his PhD in Neurosciences.