Take back control over your online self.

Launching November 2018

is in business to rebuild digital identity from the ground up.

Our mission extends far beyond better sets of keys and safes; for us, rethinking identity means reimagining and rebuilding the entire way we communicate, collaborate and get things done.
We will not stop until we restore your ownership and control over who you are, what you have, and what you seek online. No fine print, no hidden agendas, no compromise.

Take the first step with us
to an age of user autonomy.

From now, online, you set the rules.

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Shay Rapaport


Co-founder and former CEO of Fireblade Ltd. (acquired by Stackpath), a cybersecurity company which introduced the first behavioral web application firewall. Prior to that, Shay co-founded and managed Smartmove, a CMS solutions company.

A lawyer and a journalist, Shay holds a Master of Law degree and holds two patent grants related to malicious bot detection.

Eddie Pinhasov


Served as VP of Products at Fireblade. Eddie also served as a Director of Products at PerimeterX, in the Bot Protection domain. Previously Eddie served as an R&D team leader at Magnifire, a WAF startup which was acquired by F5 Networks. B.Sc Computer Science, MBA Marketing Management.